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  • Nebraska Furniture Mart

    Nebraska Furniture Mart

    The Colony, Texas

    Site Work Program Manager for the 433-acre retail development and the 1.86 million square foot Nebraska Furniture Mart, Paris Projects has saved this client $3 million to date while working to complete the largest construction project in the nation.

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  • University Town Center

    University Town Center

    Norman, Oklahoma

    A 200-acre retail development project, University Town Center has become one of Oklahoma's premier shopping destinations. This immense project was divided into four standard retail sites, a lifestyle center, and John Q. Hammons' Embassy Suites Norman Hote

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  • Southridge Shopping Center

    Southridge Shopping Center

    Asheville, North Carolina

    Paris Projects used seismology similar to sonar to help determine it would blast over 500,000 cy of rock atop a North Carolina mountain. Despite the formidable challenges of this project, it has become very profitable for its owner.

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  • Town Center Plaza

    Town Center Plaza

    Midwest City, Oklahoma

    An 83-acre retail redevelopment project, Town Center Plaza now serves the Midwest City region. This unique project is one of several projects nationwide with six large anchor stores on site.

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  • Waynesboro Town Center Shopping Center

    Waynesboro Town Center Shopping Center

    Waynesboro, Virginia

    Paris Projects successfully managed $28 million in site and building costs when the project's schedule became very difficult due to site conditions, which included underground caves found throughout the region.

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  • Tulsa Hills Shopping Center

    Tulsa Hills Shopping Center

    Tulsa, Oklahoma

    Paris Projects contracted and managed $30 million in very challenging site work for this 125-acre retail development, to include relocating high power electrical transmission lines and a high-pressure gas main, and plugging shallow, abandoned oil wells.

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  • Northcrest Shopping Center

    Northcrest Shopping Center

    Charlotte, North Carolina

    One of Charlotte's first retail shopping centers to require rain gardens in its site design, Paris Projects managed $6 million in site work and $12 million in building construction.

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  • Altamira Village

    Altamira Village

    Port Orange, Florida

    Paris Projects' single most challenging aspect of this project was relocating a FEMA-regulated canal to the St. Johns River Basin where it eventually flows to the Atlantic Ocean.

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  • Cheval


    Mint Hill, North Carolina

    Cheval, South Charlotte's private resort community featuring the 50-acre Joli Equestrian Center, has been listed in the Robb Report as one of the most exceptional equestrian communities in the United States.

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Southridge Shopping Center

Asheville, North Carolina

Paris Projects provided comprehensive site work and building design coordination, contractor pre-qualifications, bidding, and contracting and construction management from start to completion. Pre-existing, severe grades and very dense rock made the site development for this project extremely challenging.

We worked with the FAA to relocate large communication towers atop a mountain and then had to blast and cut down to create fill and a flat area for the construction of the project. We managed the new construction of the relocated towers while programming this major work into the overall program schedule. During the initial due diligence and site design, we employed the use of seismology or sound waves, similar to sonar, to help evaluate and determine the amount of anticipated rock blasting and removal that would be necessary so that contractors could estimate how to price and bid the project.

To provide sewer to the site, we obtained a permit from the State DOT to bore the International Highway 26, a federal highway, and then run sewer lines several miles offsite through adjacent neighborhoods. The complex approval process was very time intensive.

We implemented several unique designs and construction methods that saved the project millions of dollars in site work cost. The grading designs required us to blast over 500,000 cy of rock. In addition to using the rock in deep fills, we helped the contractor to set up a rock-crushing plant on-site and used our on-site rock for paving and building pad stone that would otherwise have had to be hauled to the site, one truckload at a time, from an off-site quarry. Our work resulted in huge savings in cost and time.

Halfway through the project, Lowe's Home Improvements expressed interest in building on the site. We did not, however, have enough room to shoehorn them on the end of the site without constructing retaining walls over 90' high—which would again costs millions of dollars. We worked with the geotechnical and wall engineer and came up with a roadway/highway construction technique to once again utilize the massive on-site rock to construct what is called “rock buttress” construction. Basically, the rock was used as a massive gravity wall that allowed us to delete the retaining walls entirely, while adding enough developable area to add the 116,000 sf Lowe's to the overall project pro forma.

I'm convinced any developer would've found these challenges quite formidable; however, this project has become very profitable for the owner.

You can take what Keith Paris says regarding budgets and completion dates to the bank.

Bob Stultz, Partner – Collett

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