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Design Coordination

Paris Projects works closely with owners, design consultants, tenants, and public utilities to ensure that coordination throughout all stages of the construction project run according to schedule. No project is successful without the assemblage of an effective team. That’s why all team members are pre-qualified and contracted based upon their experience relative to the specific project. In addition, we offer design review services for constructability to identify issues and reduce costly change orders and potential schedule delays in the field. Paris Projects pre-qualifies and contracts design professionals to include Surveyors, Environmental Phase I Consultants, Wetlands Consultants, Geotechnical Engineers, Civil Engineers, and Architects:

  • Define team member roles and responsibilities in fee proposals
  • Establishment of design schedule and budget constraints
  • Convey and coordinate developers lease obligations from tenant/user
  • Review of progress designs for scope and schedule compliance
  • Obtain the developer/tenant approval of design documents
  • Overall project design coordination of separate civil engineer, architects, landscape architect consultants, negating gross design oversight costs during construction
  • Authorship of O1 Bid Specifications addressing specific project bid dates, schedule of values, construction schedule, liquidated damages, and summary of work