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Construction Administration

Once we have assembled and completed all necessary site and project documentation, final drawings have been approved, and prime contractors have been contracted for a project, the work begins. Pre-construction documentation ensures a seamless onsite workflow, reducing change orders, avoiding liabilities, and ensuring that each phase of the project is completed within its timeline and on budget. Paris Projects provides in-depth leadership and project direction by overseeing each and every phase of the construction process from start to closeout, including:

  • Conducting pre-construction meetings with design consultants and contractors to reaffirm contract scope and schedule requirements
  • Establishing procedures for addressing and resolving contractors “Request for Information”
  • Establishing shop drawing and submittal procedures, logs, and schedules
  • Monthly on-site coordination meetings with all involved parties, including progress photos, schedule updates, and action-item status reports
  • Coordinating consultant reviews of all pricing proposals
  • Review and processing of monthly AIA applications for payments
  • Monitoring of design consultants’ responses to RFI’s, ASI’s and proposal requests
  • Ensuring owner’s testing lab is providing specified and required testing during construction
  • Initiating public utility primary design and installation schedules coordinated with the project schedule
  • Project documentation and turnover
  • Day- to-Day communications and directives with project team
  • Tenant/user interface relative to project completion and turnover

Paris Projects completes most major site work projects with 3-5% change orders, versus an engineer’s typical contingency estimate recommendation of 20%.